Apostolos Angelis is an Electronic-Classical-Orchestral music composer, engineer and producer. His compositions are based in classical music but his sound is mainly electronic with organic feeling.

Apostolos was always fascinated by art, mythology, science and philosophy and at a very young age he started being interested particularly in music and sound after he found old vinyl and cassettes in his house containing music from classical composers and electronic music from the 70s and 80s. When he was still young, Apostolos realized that music is a universal language and music creation for him was a unique, true and creative way to express imagination, thoughts and feelings. His passion for music led him to become an autodidact composer who doesn’t compose and orchestrate music on paper but in his mind without keeping notes. He has learned the art of music by hearing and until today he doesn’t know music notation.
The composer was born in the province of Trikala in central Greece, close to the well known “Meteora” geological formations. During his Environmental Engineering studies at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki he always kept experimenting with composition and sound. After he graduated from university and finished his military service, Apostolos conceived and created his debut album Hologram which was a fusion of electronic and downtempo ambient music. He composed, arranged, performed, mixed and produced the whole album in his private studio. In 2009 Apostolos and his brother Vasilis (who is also a composer and producer), launched the independent record label Apoapsis Records, now based in London UK, in order to release their own material. The album Hologram was released and distributed in October 2009.
After two more years of experimentation in founding his own style and sound he decided to move to London England in search of inspiration and deeper music exploration. The result of his internal journey was the electronic-classical opus Prophecy of Heavens. In this new work, he emphasized in more detailed compositions and arrangements, which made his sound more ethereal, rich and complex. In February 2012 the album was released and distributed digitally worldwide through Apoapsis Records.
The years 2012 through 2014 Apostolos was very prolific as he worked in two different projects.
His third opus The Mad and The Genius, released in December 2013, is an electronic-instrumental 62 minute long work. The artist examined in more depth the world of classical composition and he performed all the instruments in the album from synthesizers and keyboards to piano and percussion.
In his fourth full album Kinesis, released in November 2014, Apostolos Angelis introduced an empyrean orchestral-electronic opus that blends contemporary synthesizer sounds with classical music composition techniques. The whole album was composed, arranged, performed, orchestrated, mixed and produced by the artist himself and was mastered at Air studios in London.
Coloring of Life, Apostolos’ fifth studio album, released in February 2017, is a haunting, ethereal and evocative electronic-classical opus containing 16 tracks. The whole album was again composed, arranged, orchestrated, performed, mixed and produced by the artist himself and was mastered at the AirLab studios in London.
Mythocosmos, Apostolos’ sixth studio album and latest work, released in October 2022, is a double-disc epic electronic-classical concept work containing 27 ‘’story-like’’ fantasy music tracks. The album was again composed, arranged, orchestrated, performed, engineered and produced by the artist himself.

Apostolos is also an entrepreneur and apart from the label Apoapsis Records Ltd he also co-runs the company Dasology Ltd, based in London UK, which provides metadata enrichment, editorial enhancement and access services for global media companies.

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