10/2022: “MYTHOCOSMOS” album released.
MYTHOCOSMOS is an epic, electronic-classical concept double-disc studio album.
Apostolos Angelis creates 27 ‘’story-like’’ fantasy music tracks, where every piece is richly layered with synthesizers and organic sounds. The mysterious voices, the haunting melodies and the heavy taiko drum rhythms, take you to a world of myths, obscurities, passions and imaginative soundscapes.

01/2020: 1 Hour Music Video Compilations released:
1 Hour of Epic Space Music | Fantasy Electronic Futuristic – 4K
A music journey into fantasy landscapes, full of emotions, energy, memorable melodies and futuristic atmospheres.
1 Hour of Chillout Space Music | Fantasy Relaxing Futuristic – 4K
A multidimensional music journey into imaginative landscapes, full of emotions, energy, memorable melodies and calm atmospheres.

02/2017: “COLORING OF LIFE” album released.
In his fifth studio album COLORING OF LIFE, Apostolos Angelis creates a haunting, ethereal and evocative electronic-classical opus.
In this album the artist offers sixteen musical explorations of dazzling sound and emotions. Every single piece is richly layered with analog synthesizers and orchestral sounds, strings, pianos, percussion, heavy drum rhythms and sensational choirs.

11/2014: “KINESIS” album released.
In his fourth studio album KINESIS, Apostolos Angelis introduces an empyrean orchestral-electronic opus that blends contemporary synthesizer sounds with classical music composition techniques.
The artist fuses electronic instruments with strings, woodwinds, choirs, brasses, orchestral rhythms, theremin timbres and evocative percussion creating memorable melodic phrases and complex harmonies.

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