RELEASED: 01/02/2012
ARTIST: Apostolos Angelis
LABEL: Apoapsis Records

Total Length: 43:14

Apostolos Angelis in his second opus “PROPHECY OF HEAVENS” plunges into an orchestral, electronic, epic and fantasy musical world. Presenting his bountiful 43 minute work, which can be characterized as a fusion of Contemporary Classic and Electronic music, he marks the beginning of his new musical horizon and era. The composer fantasizes and creates a monumental and rich sound, as he dabbles with electronic instruments, male and female choirs, virtual vocals, bulky strings, wind instrument sections, sound effects and drum machines blended with orchestral and ethnic percussion.
Apostolos Angelis worked in his peaceful private studio in Trikala-Greece and the production process took about one and a half year to complete. It was an extremely difficult and complex attempt: “The most sounds that I used are coming from electronic devices, but I wanted everything to sound as natural and delicate as a visional classical orchestra”. The artist did again almost everything being the composer, orchestrator, arranger, performer, programmer, mixing engineer and producer. The tracks were mastered by the Grammy award winner Ray Staff at Air Studios in London.


  • All Tracks Composed, Arranged, Orchestrated, Performed, Programmed and Produced by Apostolos Angelis.
  • Recorded and Mixed by Apostolos Angelis at Apoapsis Records studio, Trikala, Greece.
  • Additional Sound Engineering: Vasileios Angelis.
  • Mastered by Ray Staff at Air Studios in London.
  • Apostolos Angelis: Keyboards, Synthesizers, Samplers, Sounds, Drum Programming, Percussion.
  • Original Artwork by Orfanidis Dorotheos​
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